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Plot updates! [Jan. 18th, 2004|03:18 pm]
Spectators of HP-RPG.Com


[mood |accomplished]

At last I get around to posting the Daily DOOM over here! I am guilty of slacking. I apologize. Must be all of that Transfigurations homework getting in the way.

The Yule Ball was a success, depending on who you ask. It certainly proved to be a jumping-off point for Tonks and Bill Weasley. The Christmas holidays were strange for everyone - Remus and Aiko nearly got engaged (yes, nearly), Aberforth took over Headmaster duties at Hogwarts in his brothers' absence, Hermione spent much of it unconscious after receiving a creepy gift via owl, Harry and Ginny cavorted at the Burrow, Luna and Justin went shopping and contemplated their blossoming relationship, Lisa has "the worst Christmas ever", Bellatrix wishes for snow... Oh, there's lots to read here about all of your favourite characters.

( The Daily DOOM #19.1 - Dec. 2nd to Dec. 8th )

( The Daily DOOM #19.2 - Dec. 9th to Dec. 21st )

( The Daily DOOM #19.3 - Dec. 22nd to Jan. 10th )

[User Picture]From: ragdoll
2004-01-18 07:23 pm (UTC)
Jumping off point?! more like a jumping ON point, my dear!
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