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More DOOM - bah! [Dec. 4th, 2003|03:53 am]
Spectators of HP-RPG.Com


[mood |suddenly single]

( The Daily DOOM #18 )

Yes, lots is happening right now, folks. Harry & Hermione have split up (*sobs*), Dobby's been listening in on people's convos (and he knows stuff he's not yet telling), Draco's pretty pissed about getting hexed into the hospital wing (and we know whodunit), Dean's been drawing Snape, everything in the library goes all to hell, Ron & Susan try to have a meeting of the minds, Sarah has a Quidditch accident, Sirius and Remus are fighting like dogs and (wolves?) cats, D.A.D.A. class goes horribly awry...

Oh, you must really read it to get the full effect, I think.