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More DOOM! [Jan. 18th, 2004|04:11 pm]
Spectators of HP-RPG.Com


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Sunday, January 11th

Draco decides to pay Fleur a visit in France before returning to school. Poor Blaise.

The Hogwarts Express is ready to take everyone back! Much drama ensues, including Harry and Draco beating the tar out of each other.Millicent gets involved and tries to keep the peace.

Monday, January 12th

Colin sends an owl to Professor Canis about photography skills. Sirius The Professor readily agrees to tutor Colin in some of the finer points of picture-taking.

Bellatrix ponders an old local legend about petrification, and contemplates the usefulness of her knowledge. (Oooh - foreshadowing!)

Megan makes a trip to the library and has an unpleasant run-in with Blaise, who really just hates Hufflepuffs.

An abrupt owl from Remus asks Sirius to bring Harry to Coventry, pronto. When they arrive, Remus gives Sirius his Christmas gift at last!

Ginny complains of Snape's pop quiz in Potions, but that's not the worst of it. Snape calls Ginny to his office, insisting that she cheated on her test. She is sentenced to detention after refusing to rewrite, and Severus leaves his assistant, Blaise, in charge of seeing the detention through.

Jacob Wrathorne visits the Restricted Section and corners Millicent to allow him use of her pass. She offers instead to retrieve the books he wants.

Terry seeks out Mandy to tell her he's missed her.

Tuesday, January 13th

Lisa searches for Megan, worried that her kamikaze turtle has exploded. Thankfully, it hadn't.

Draco, confined to bed after his run-in with Harry on the train, has a very unpleasant exchange with Jacob.

Millicent and Crabbe meet up to talk; Vincent is shocked to realize that Millicent remembered his birthday.

Ginny reports for her detention with Professor Snape, only to find that Blaise has been left in charge. It proves to be an educational evening for both of them.

Bellatrix owls a late gift to Draco from herself and Rodolphus, with her apologies for not seeing him over the holidays.

Crabbe owls Bellatrix (presumably looking for cake) to ask if a meeting is in order, and if he can bring Millicent. Naturally, Bellatrix accepts this proposal.

Millicent and Bill have a lengthy discussion that appears to be about some sort of career counselling...strangely enough.

Sarah, following the example of her uncle, buries her candy on the grounds of Hogwarts. She then hopes nobody will ask for any sugar quills.

Fleur comes upon Roger in the Ravenclaw common room. The use of a stress ball, and a conversation about exactly how they spent their holidays, ensues. Fleur, of course, is still in a strop about being attacked by a bunny hug from Colin, a loathesome Gryffindor.

Wednesday, January 14th

Harry, Hermione and Ron play Exploding Snap, and Hermione accuses the boys of cheating. They deny it, as usual. Owls from Harry and Hermione to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes promptly follow as each seek out revenge.

George, meanwhile, decides that his New Years' Resolution should be to get 2,115 comments in one journal entry. Much of the school seems to rally to this project. George does, however, yell at Hermione for not adding her quota of 300 comments in one night.

Sirius sends an owl to Blaise, about school issues as well as a belated birthday wish. She thinks this is a good thing.

Lisa meets Megan and Sarah for food. Much eyeing of the sugar ensues, even after Colin had owled Sarah a contraband supply.

Ginny and Dean have a painful exchange (breakup?) in the common room. They reminisce for a few moments, sadly, before Ginny returns the bracelet Dean had given her, and walks away.

Aberforth gets his first taste of being Headmaster! Severus sends an owl to him on behalf of Draco, who is full of complaints about Harry and Tonks. Aberforth summons the appropriate people, and eventually meets to hear the sides of the story presented by Harry and Draco.

George sends a note to Dobby, looking for socks.

Marietta slaves over homework in the library, and finds herself suddenly popular with the likes of Lisa and Colin.